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As compared to an internet satellite dish, Advanced Broadband's small antenna  is nearly unnoticeable.
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Updated February 2010

  • Who is Advanced Broadband?

We offer fast internet service in areas not served by the wired phone companies or cable.

  • What does Advanced Broadband offer?

Broadband internet.  ACS LLC, our parent company, also offers consulting, digital phone, and dialup internet service.

  • Do you guarantee I can get internet service at my home?

No. Where exactly do you live? By using your street address, our radio link test tool will indicate if we may, might, or do not have usable coverage at your location.

  • How is this installed and what is involved?

This service is installed similar to a very small outside FM radio antenna - with a network cable running inside to a router. From the router, you can connect a network cable to your computer.  There have been some cases where the length / complexity of the network installation have exceeded what Advanced Broadband considers to be a standard install.  If this applies to your installation, we will notify you.

  • Do I have to purchase any equipment?

All equipment is provided after the service agreement is signed.  The radio equipment rental is included on the monthly service bill.  You will need to purchase a router if you wish to use more than one computer ; or you can lease one from us for $5 / month.

Our installation team will verify your connection is working from the router - which is connected to our equipment.  You are responsible for equipment connected on your side of the router.

  • Is there an installation fee?

Yes, there is a standard installation fee. In rare cases, the cable installation for our equipment has exceeded what Advanced Broadband considers to be a standard install.  If this applies to your location, additional charges may apply, and we will notify you of this. For more information on installation fees in your area, see pricing.

  • Is there a monthly service fee?

Yes it is $65.00 a month for home users, and $85 a month for business users, with a 12 month agreement. This includes your radio equipment rental.  See pricing for more information.

Advanced Broadband will bill your credit card through an electronic transaction or you can mail a check or money order in to us. We also accept paypal from our homepage. Invoices are emailed in pdf format ;  If you require a paper statement, there will be a $2.00 per month billing charge.

  • Is there a disconnect fee if I am displeased with the service?

If we agree service is an issue, a 30 day refund policy applies. After 60 days it is $200.00 (as you are terminating your contract early).

  • Can I have more than one device on the service?

Yes. We often see more than one computer connected to our service - as well as X-box,
Tivo, etc. You are responsible for equipment on your side of the Advanced Broadband router.

  • How long does it take for Advanced to install the equipment?

Typically 3 hours, but occasionally it takes longer. Advanced Broadband tries very hard to work with your schedule and availability.








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